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What we Believe


Our belief and experience is that God is real and can enter into any life or situation to bring about transformation. As we travel through life, with all the good bits and the bad, God is never far from those who turn to him. There is an active relationship to be had, a relationship that will guide and inwardly empower us to become the people we are meant to be. Just as our churches are unique, so each one of us is unique too, and God meets us where we are. His desire and plan for us is always for our good and wellbeing. Even if we have lived lives that have been far from him in terms of thought or lifestyle, he is always ready to welcome us. There are many stories in the Bible that speak of God’s welcome and help. There are many people within our church families who have experienced it for themselves.

In drawing close to God we open ourselves to his Spirit working within us. His Spirit brings transformation from the inside out and we gradually move towards lives that are filled with more peace, more joy, more spiritual abundance. Past burdens that affect us emotionally are often lifted, replaced with a sense of quiet affirmation of who we really are. We are much loved by God and over time we come to realise that he is with us at all times and all places. His presence brings peace.

Belief and relationship with God is far from a set of religious rules and traditions. There is a warmth of relationship to be had and shared with all those who actively seek him. Church families gather together to acknowledge God’s presence with us, to support and encourage one another, and to serve the communities around them.

God and You

No matter where you find yourself in life, God is interested in You. In our experience people can sometimes arrive at a point in life where they are aware that something is missing - there is a sense of incompleteness. Sometimes there have been a series of nudges towards the spiritual side of life, a feeling that there must be something more than the day today. These can be points of invitation to explore what a living relationship with God can be like. For those who take note of such points and act upon them, it is the start of a new journey. 

Hello and welcome to our church. If you are a new visitor, we have a page for you to get to know us and learn more about planning a visit.
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Planning your Visit

A Warm Hello


Where and When

We are one church in five locations which offer a wide variety of styles of service from vibrant family friendly services to something more contemplative.  We have services starting at 8am, 9.15am,  10am, 11am and 11.15am across the Cluster of five churches.  You can find details of the services and what to expect here.  The calendar not only gives you the place and time but also a description of what you can expect from the service.

What you can be sure of is a warm welcome at whichever church you decide to visit.  Refreshments will be on offer either before or after the service.

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What about my kids?

Children's groups at St Mary’s Callington on Sundays are temporarily suspended due to unforeseen circumstances.  However, there will always be an activity for children to do, a place for them in all 11am services at and the Tower Room is available for play and fun throughout.  


Getting Connected


Life Groups

While Sundays are a great way to meet new people, it is often in smaller gatherings that you can really get to know someone. Being part of one of our small groups allows you to make new friends, share together and support each other. We have a variety of groups that meet throughout the week, some afternoons and some evenings. We can put you in touch with a small group leader who will be more than happy to invite you along to their group.

Get on a Team!

Serving on a team is a greatly way of getting to know people better.  If you want to get involved in the life of the church and to help us make Sundays run smoothly, you can sign up to serve on a team. 

Other Ministries

We also run the following ministries:

  • Men's Ministries
  • Women's Ministries
Get in touch with us to plan your visit
If you would like to come and visit the church beforehand you are more than welcome! Get in touch and we can arrange a time that suits you.
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Comments / Questions or anything you would like to say?

Next, we will contact you by email to say hello and help arrange anything necessary for your visit.


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Rev Joe Lannon   Lennie Starrs
We hope that whoever you are, you will feel at home at our church.

Best Wishes

Joe and Nikki